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City Municipal Council was Established in 1932.Its having 27 ward and 29.13 Sqkms Town Extent Area. CMC Hiriyur Population is 56416 According to 2011 Census.it is 40 Km away from Chitradurga City.Hiriyur  is a Town and Taluk capital located near Chitradurga in the Indian state of Karnataka.Hiriyur is renowned for having the oldest dam in Karnataka built on the Vedavathi river, and named Marikanive. Hiriyur is situated along National Highway 4. Hiriyur is located 160 km north of Bangalore. All the buses from Bangalore towards Hubli, Belgaum, Davanagere, Bellary pass through Hiriyur.The climate is generally dry with low rain fall. During winter (November - February) night temperature may come down up to 18'C.

The Objectives of City Municipal Council

The City bodies of India are vested with a long list of functions delegated to them by the state governments under the municipal legislation. These functions broadly relate to Public Health welfare, regulatory functions, Public Safety, public infrastructure works, and development activities.

Public health includes Water Supply, Sewerage and Sanitation, eradication of communicable diseases etc.; welfare includes public facilities such as Education, recreation, etc.; regulatory functions related to prescribing and enforcing Building regulations, encroachments on public land, Birth registration and Death certificate etc.; public safety includes Fire protection , Street lighting, etc.; public works measures such as construction and maintenance of inner city roads, etc.; and development functions related to Town planning and development of commercial markets. In addition to the legally assigned functions, the sectoral departments of the state government often assign unilaterally, and on an agency basis, various functions such as Family planning, Nutrition and slum improvement, disease and Epidemic control, etc.

  • Urban planning including town planning & Regulation of land-use and construction of buildings
  • Planning for economic and social development & Roads and bridges.
  • Water supply domestic, Industrial and commercial purposes & Public health, sanitation, conservancy and solid waste management
  • Fire services & Urban forestry
  • Preventive Health Care & Provision of urban amenities and facilities such as parks, gardens, playgrounds
  • Burials and burial grounds, cremations, cremation ghats/grounds and electric crematoria
  •  Cattle pounds, prevention of cruelty to animals
  • Vital statistics including registration of births and deaths & Street Lighting.
  • Parking lots, bus stops and public conveniences & Regulation of slaughter houses and tanneries.
  • Slum improvement and up gradation & Protection of the environment and promotion of ecological aspects

    KMRP Projects Implemented in City Municipal Council Hiriyur
  • Website : Town Municipal Council Hiriyur Have the Own Website for the Public to View the All information i.e : Tender , Notification,City Details,City Staff,City Council Body,Procedings, Works Information,etc.www.hiriyurtown.gov.in
  • Birth & Death : TMC Hiriyur separately Opens the Counetr for Birth & Death Certificate issuing to the Public and computerized 1990 to 1998 & Onwards.Citizen May take the Certificate within 3 days to apply the Application. http://www.hiriyurtown.gov.in/egbnd/index.jsp
  • Helpline (PGR) : Citizens May Register Complaints through the Helpline relating to the wards / area. Helpline System Register the Compaints and Assign the Complaints to authority to solove. The Helpline Number : 08193-260020 http://www.hiriyurtown.gov.in/pgr/grievance-redressal.jsp
  • PTIS : Property Tax Information System which Surveys the All property of the Town to Pay property Tax in Online System.TMC Hiriyur PTIS is available by online URL : http://www.hiriyurtown.gov.in/ptisnn/public/citizenIndex.jsp
  • FBAS : Fund Based Accrual accounting System is Accounting system Online Application which Encompasses Daily Transaction the TMC. http://www.hiriyurtown.gov.in/EGF/login/securityLogin.jsp
  • Other Online Applications:CMSMTDP,ASHA KIRANA MAHITHI,SJSRY,SLB,MIB,MIS etc Are the Municipal Online Applications and updated Relevently in time.

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